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Фотокаталог Gurovshina Фотокаталог Gurovshina 2Фотокаталог Gurovshina 3Фотокаталог Gurovshina 4Фотокаталог Gurovshina 5Фотокаталог Gurovshina 6Фотокаталог Gurovshina 7Фотокаталог Gurovshina 8Фотокаталог Gurovshina 9Фотокаталог Gurovshina 10Фотокаталог Gurovshina 11
, Gurovshina ID object: 84 230 000 $/511 $ м2
Area:450 м2


Kiev-Svyatoshin district, Zhytomyr direction.

The house consists of 3 floors and a basement. On the 1st floor there is a spacious hall where you can install a fireplace, a kitchen, a bathroom. 2nd floor: a bathroom and 3 separate bedrooms, one with a cute balcony with a gorgeous view. 3rd floor: attic, free space.

The basement is renovated, there is a kitchen, a bedroom, a sauna, a bathroom, a shower and utility rooms.

Exiting the house you find yourself on a spacious terrace facing an orchard, delighting your eye with a picturesque landscape design. You get to the second open terrace with its own kitchen and, of course, the barbecue.

There is also a pool and a separate house with a summer shower. The territory is equipped with a private well. A garage for two cars, automatic gates.

Everything in this house was done with good heart and soul.

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