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Beryozovka, Makarivskiy region
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Makarovsky, Beryozovka, Makarivskiy region ID object: 73 4 200 000 $/4 286 $ м2
Area:980 м2

A house, a cottage, a mansion, a manor... What are the fundamental differences between them and what are the generally accepted requirements for them?

A house is a fairly common name for all buildings, and they do not have to be residential. A cottage in a modern interpretation means almost any residential building, however, it was originally the name of the building, which was connected to the same type of buildings by various communications in the cottage villages. A mansion is a house that stands by itself, separately from all other houses. In fact, a mansion resembles a cottage, but a mansion is larger in size. A manor is an analogue of a mansion. It can be located far from big cities with no even a small village in sight. In addition, a manor has to have additional buildings and sights: pavilions, a park, a swimming pool, a forest or a lake...

Kyiv region. Makarovsky district. The 38th kilometer of the Zhytomyr highway — opposite to the turn to the golf club with a convenient exit to the tunnel. The highway is not further than 500 meters from the house.

The estate with a two-story house (980 sq. meters) on a 6.33 hectare plot of land includes a landscape park with a pond, a tennis court, a forest zone, a guard house, utility and engineering buildings. The house has 5 bedrooms (each with a bathroom): 3 bedrooms on the second floor, 2 on the first. Three bedrooms have separate dressing rooms, jacuzzi bathtubs and showers. In a winter garden, in the living room and in one of the bedrooms there are fireplaces (made in France). The house is equipped with "Panic Room" — a room with specially reinforced walls, reinforced armored door, emergency communications and protection systems. Ceiling is 3-4 meters on both floors.

Plumbing and equipment

All plumbing in the house and utility rooms (guard house etc.) is by «Villeroy&Boch». Kitchen and kitchen equipment, as well as laundry equipment — “Miele”. Finishing — Italian tiles and travertine, floors — tiles and parquet (Canadian maple). All lamps and built-in furniture are made in Italy/Germany. Windows — aluminum profile, shockproof double-glazed with argon (produced in Belgium). Automatic blinds — made in Germany.

Pool and SPA

There is an indoor pool in one of the wings of the house: size 15*3 m, up to 2.2 m deep. The pool is made with Italian tiles, walls — Italian travertine. Decorative gas fireplace. Water ozonator (USA). An aquarobot. Drainage system — made in Scandinavia.

In the same wing there is a sauna, a steam cabin with a hydromassage and a jacuzzi (all produced by Villeroy&Boch). The basement has a full size wine cellar with air conditioning.

Heating and air conditioning

Heating/air conditioning are combined: heat pump (8 wells, 90 meters each); gas boiler and solar collectors. All equipment was manufactured by «Viessmann» (Germany). Automatic controller. Two fan machines. In all the bedrooms of the second floor the air conditioning is duplicated by splits ("Panasonic"). In the utility rooms there are separate gas and «Viessmann» boilers. They also have backup electric heating. Heating and air conditioning of the house is executed through underground systems and convectors.

Additional buildings and engineering

Garage inside the house is suitable for three cars. In the utility section you can place two more cars (with a «Kärcher» washing machine). A guard House (100 sq.m.) is consisted of three rooms, two bathrooms. Kitchen furniture and equipment made in Italy. In the utility block (120 sq. m.), in addition to two garages, there is a water treatment system, a gardener's room (with a washing machine, a bathroom and a shower), as well as a 40 KW diesel power station and a central voltage regulator. Power supply - from its own power line, with an own transformer (160 KW). Gas supply is central. To maintain the park, there is a «Huskvarna» tractor, a trailer, two lawn mowers, a snow blower, an aerator and other motor vehicles.

Park and recreation areas

A tennis court: open, artificial grass cover. Water supply by an artesian well 92m deep. A picturesque park with a pond is approximately 1.5 hectares. An additional well feeds the pond. There are lilies, carp and crucian carp in the pond. There is a forest on the territory — about 1.5 hectares (pines aged 40-50 years) full of mushrooms and berries. The lawn irrigation system is automatic (USA), feeds from the pond. Independent sanitation and bio-treatment system for sewage with aeration fields. Park and terrace are furnished, beach showers and umbrellas are made in Germany. All lamps in the park and underwater lighting of the pond are also made in Germany.


There is a system of alarm, external and internal video surveillance. Separately — a “panic button”. Fence around the house, the park and the forest is equipped with vibration sensors and an «Intrud Alert» computer (Israel). Internet and TV wiring are provided in each room (including bathrooms on the 2nd floor, pool and sauna).

Total land area:6,33 га